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In some parts of the world, the taco is a dish made with a hard shell corn stuffed with meat, lettuce, salsa, and cheese. But if you’re Mexican or are familiar with Mexican food, a taco is something very different.

In Mexico, more than a sauce, the taco is a way of eating; even in the Spanish of Mexico use the word as a verb. Laquear is synonymous with eating.


To describe a taco, we must first describe the corn tortilla, one of the culinary wonders of the most important prehispanic Mexico.

The tortilla is a flat bread made with corn nixtamalized and cooked on a comal. I’ve written before about the Nixtamalization in this article.

Nixtamalized corn tortilla is the basis for a delicious taco. Best taquerías make their tortillas in front of the diners. However, few tacos in Mexico that are not made with corn tortillas. For example, the Arab tacos are prepared on pita bread, some carne asada tacos with flour tortillas in the north, or gringo, also made with flour tortillas, although the latter is not technically tacos.

The taco filling or content is as important as the tortilla. Any stew, meat, vegetables or savory ingredient can be converted into stuffing; sauce to stews, moles of the marinated chicken in marinades or sauces complex, the variety of fillings is almost infinite.

Today, we will focus on two types: stew tacos and tacos al pastor.

taco_pic_tacosantoTacos Guisado

  • Guisado is a word that describes a specific dish. AG Guisado blocks Lisa can be any meat or vegetable cooked in a sauce and served as a main dish.
  • There are beef and pork, chicken, vegetables, beans, quality, etc. And yes, in Mexico also we eat tacos.
  • In Mexico City tacos I’ve tasted delicious stew, like Los Tacos Gus in Condesa, one of my favorite places to eat. However, some months ago, opened a new location in the pink area has also become one of my favorite places to eat.
  • Tacos & Deli is a small street in Florence that serves salads and stew and grilled tacos.
  • Every day there are 4 or 5 different casseroles to choose and the choices change daily. Stewed My favorites were the stuffed squash tacos on Tuesdays and roasted suckling pig tacos and tortas of Chenopodium Nuttalliae Friday. Making taco

The owners attend this taqueria, and the food is 100% homemade. The place is so small that there is enough room to cook there. The owners prepare food at home and bring casseroles local daily. If stew is finished, they can go back for more.

The first time I visited the place was almost new with a system that was still chaotic. However, each time we returned are better organized and always seems to have more people, which gives us pleasure. We do not want to see a place like this close.


If you’re in the area, you have to eat there. Their food is awesome and their staffs and friendly and hospitable. Taco Santo is located just one block from the Angel in the pink zone.

Mexicans love the complex flavors, and this love of complexity is reflected in the tacos we eat. The tacos combine the sweet taste of corn tortilla, salty flavor of the filling either meat or vegetables, and the spiciness of the sauce of your choice.

However, some blocks explore this combination of even deeper flavors. The meat used for tacos al pastor, for example, is prepared using various spices and ingredients like cinnamon, dried chilies, anise, raisins, and achiote. The meat is placed in a spin to cook and to add a sweet touch at the end; the taco is served with a little pineapple. Tacos al pastor Gyroscopes are the changes tacos all if such a classification exists.

There are certain places around Taco Santo claiming to be the creators of the tacos al pastor. The truth about these tacos, however, is that they are the doner kebab mexicanización brought to Mexico by Lebanese and Middle Eastern immigrants in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Tacos al pastor is food disclosed. Most (and the best in my opinion) of taquerías that specialize in tacos al pastor are only open at night. A The Visitor you have to go at night, because if you go during the day just find a service car.

The final touch: Salsa

taco on plate tacosantoNow you know that tortillas and filling are imperative to make a good taco. However, what will make a taco is a success, or a failure is a sauce. Best taquerías understand this and strive in the preparation of sauces that accompany them.

Some bite, others less so. Some are prepared with tomato (tomato red) and others with green tomatillo or tomato. More are ready with avocado and are soft and creamy. But the best sauces always developed in Molcajete.

Although not an essential part of all tacos, other ingredients can be added to the block for more complex, such as nopales, onions, beans, potatoes and many others are options that diners have in some taquerías.

The concept of the taco is very simple. However, after a lengthy investigation, which has involved many different types of eating tacos, I have come to appreciate much better the complexity, variety, and importance in the Mexican diet.

I hope this article has been informative for those who were not familiar with this dish and help us to appreciate better that we taqueria life.