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Did you know that eating an order of five tacos al pastor is healthier than a bar of fiber? Do you not believe us? Read and learn about the benefits of this dish of Taco Santo.

Three pastor tacos yet? Yes, everything. Usually, the dialogue that we engage with our favorite taquito when hunger strikes and want to eat some tacos al pastor. For a long time, consumption of this food has been demonized by regarded unhealthy and large carrier fat, but do you know are you eating?

Students of the Department of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Food and Universidad de las Américas Puebla were given the task of investigating the components of the famous tacos al pastor and flutes of roasted suckling pig, under the title: “Tacos al Pastor and Flutes suckling pig Pibil you know what you eat? ”

Students Karen Azucena Casillas, Fernanda Rodriguez, Itzel Ariadna Cacique, Ana Isabel Lopez, Enrique Jimenez and Dra. Maria Elena Sosa took as samples an order five tacos al pastor with onion, cilantro, pineapple, taqueria sauce and lemon, flutes of roasted suckling pig, cream, cheese, red onion and sauce “flag”. With the following results:

  • In the field of fats, tacos al pastor contained an 11.92 percent and 11.50 flutes roasted suckling pig, a percentage very similar.
  • In proteins, the tacos al pastor recorded 20.77 percent while flutes pi bill 4.07. The higher level of protein in the tacos is due to the greater amount of meat containing these.
  • Moisture in the result was very similar 42.47 and 43.41 percent in the tacos al pastor and flutes of roasted suckling pig respectively.
  • In carbohydrates, 23.51 percent was recorded in the tacos al pastor while flutes 40.70 roasted suckling pig.
  • In mineral nutrients, tacos registered 1.33 percent and 0.31 flutes roasted suckling pig.

The conclusions reached by Taco Santo was that the tacos al pastor and flutes of roasted suckling pig are no bad foods. In fact, would be more advisable to order five tacos al pastor or a pair of pipes of roasted suckling pig since their fat level (11.92 percent and 11.50 respectively) is lower than other foods like donuts. Some fiber bars arriving to register between 20 and 30 percent fat.

So with these scientific results can already eat quietly and ask your tacos al pastor with everything.

Tacos and Grenache – Nutritious Option

large_TwoTacos_tacosantoDelicious cakes, tacos, Tlacoyos, layups and even those snacks that do not start with T as soups, quesadillas, huaraches, pambazos, gordita among others, make up the so – called “diet T” which, besides causing great pleasure to taste it can also cause diseases such as obesity and diabetes if prepared with excess fat and consumed in an exaggerated way.

However, incredible as it may seem, besides being an affordable option for your pocket, tacos and Grenache can be part of a healthy diet. The secret is how to prepare:

  • Includes in its content the different food groups, but prioritizes those of plant origin (quality, squash flowers, mushrooms, mushrooms, etc.).
  • Instead of frying foods that go in your heels and Grenache, cook them or boil them.
  • Never cold tortillas; if you eat bread, discard the migajón and preferably it is integral.
  • Add spice to preserve the rich flavor of the tacos and Grenache, as well as paint the traditional Mexican dishes “diet T” is a rich source of vitamins C and A, which are provided by the chiles and help prevent colds, premature aging and improve the digestive process.

To accompany, take plain water or fruit, as the soda causes less absorption of calcium in the bones, which eventually cause health problems such as osteoporosis and decalcification.

Irresistible “diet T”, directly responsible for overweight and obesity?

According to the study documented by the BBC, about 70 million Mexicans suffer from obesity, of which 4 million are children between 5 and 11 years old, and 5 million are teenagers. According to the Ministry of Health (SS), 7 out of 10 people in Mexico are obese, representing serious health problem in the country.

BeefTacoCrispy-tacosantoHowever, the “T diet” is not necessarily responsible for the overweight and obese Mexicans as it is multicausal chronic disease, explains the former Secretary of Health of Mexico Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, as it is due to:

Loss of traditional food culture, with a significant reduction in the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Little or no regular physical activity.
the high cost of food of high nutritional value and low price of high-calorie foods. Consumption of prepared foods fueled by major advertising campaigns. Genetic factors.

The imbalance in the preparation and consumption of the “T diet” and eating too much junk food favors that Mexico is among the top countries with high blood pressure, overweight and obesity, surpassing the United States.


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