taco with salsaTaco is everywhere, it is not just food, it is part of Taco Santo’s identity. We associate our collective imagination and use it to say things that elsewhere even imagined they could refer.

“Go eat” is synonymous with “take the taco,” “eat a taco tongue” refers not to be talkative. “Take eye candy ” means seeing a woman or a very handsome man approaching and delight the eye of the beholder, and “throwing lots of cream to your tacos” means showing off.

  • Different social classes come together to tasting this dish and using an ancient technique that remains in our memory as if evolution had us endowed with a Mexican flair.
  • Like almost always standing, one hand holding the plate and the other grabs the heel; shore, the index, and middle up the preparation, the thumb joins the action to achieve fold.
  • The index gives a touch of glamor to maneuver as it rises to the top as if to ask for another taco, slowly, as in slow motion.
  • The body is bent, one hand on the plate while the other holds the coveted loot and suddenly a bit ago we begin to taste the mixture of ingredients to end the delicacy.
  • There are different types of tacos. Each uses the most representative local ingredients: flour tortillas, corn, fish, meat or vegetables.
  • We present the most typical Mexican tacos. Those that nowhere else in the world can match.

1. Tacos de canasta

Also called sweated taco, used to be a traditional Indian lunch. A wicker basket between many cotton napkins tied firmly to form a small vessel known as itaconate was placed. Thus, the tacos “sweated” and kept warm.

Some texts say that originates in the Mexican-Tlahuica culture and colonial spread through the rest of the country. Is varnished with hot butter and gilding lightly with chili sauce, but are now different casseroles inside tacos basket as pork, adobo, potatoes, beans and picadillo in Taco Santo.

2. Tacos al pastor

They were born in the city of Puebla as an adaptation of an Arab dish called Shawarma, but unlike the Lebanese dish in Mexico lamb for pork and spices to marinate the meat also were modified changed. It is prepared with slices of pork, achiote, vinegar, spices and chiles, and everything is inserted into an iron rod rotates until cooked.

3. Golden Tacos

The origin of the golden taco is uncertain. It is very popular in Mexico and other countries like Honduras and Puerto Rico. They can be beef, chicken, barbecue and potato leaves to Jamaica. They wear cream, cheese, lettuce, avocado.

4. Fish Tacos

The government of Ensenada, Baja California ensures that traditional fish tacos are originally from this place. The dish combines traditional corn tortilla with Pico de gallo, traditional Mexico and fish from the waters of the Pacific. National Geographic magazine put it among the ten unforgettable dishes of the world.

5. Tacos Suadero

So it is called the beef and fat that lies between the thighs and cowhides. This mixture makes its flavor is entirely different from any other part of the carcass. Almost always, in places where they sell tacos Madero, we can also find gut, head, and chorizo, so the combination of these flavors becomes a benchmark of Mexican nightlife.

taco combo

6. Tacos Placeros

The Place taco is distinguished by a diverse group of ingredients inside. He takes a piece of pork, cheese, avocado and salsa.

7. Suckling Pig Tacos

Yucatecan cuisine it developed very far from what was happening in the center of the country, so its direct antecedents are those of the Mayan cuisine. The most famous dish of this area is the roasted suckling pig, a sample of cultural fusion between Mayan and Spanish cuisine.

Hence, its name is prepared with marinated pork in achiote, wrapped in banana leaves, cooked in a pit, which in Maya means “underground.”

8. BBQ Tacos

The barbecue is cooked in its juice for hours, often steamed in a mud pit. It can be made with lamb or goat meat, one of the most traditional, but also made with rabbit, beef, chicken or fish. In Hidalgo, is considered its flagship dish and always accompanied with the belly of lamb, it served in tacos and combined with a touch of lemon, onion, and cilantro.

9. Battleships Tacos

It is a typical dish of Morelos. Legend has it that in the revolutionary era, Mrs. Felicitas Sanchez, a resident of Cuautla had nothing on except tortillas, rice, eggs, and peppers pantry.

Thus, the first armored taco consisted of a mixture of these doused in sauce ingredients and then began selling them. S and prepared with large portions of red rice, Chile Relleno, steak, breaded or cured meat, ingredients that are wrapped with two tortillas.

10. Tacos de carnitas

The pig arrived with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage since left eight pigs on the island of the Spanish, who subsequently come to Mexico by Hernán Cortés. The development of carnitas is made from all parts of the pig, from head to tail, pour into a saucepan with butter and let it season with a touch of orange for hours.